How to Get Your Music Noticed on Music Blogs

Before submitting your music, make sure to proofread it. Submitting a track with mistakes is a big no-no, as it will seem like you don’t care about the quality of the work, and blog writers won’t be interested in fixing it. Instead, write your submission in a clear, concise, and professional manner. Read the blog’s guidelines carefully and follow them strictly to ensure your track is posted on the right blog.

Record labels receive hundreds of submissions a day, and if yours is not featured on their label’s website, keep sending it! If your song is suitable for radio, submit it with a radio-ready version for better chances of getting signed. You don’t have to send all your songs at once, but only the best. If you are sending a song to a big label, it may not be possible to get an email from the A&R.

Premium credits are not free, but they do help increase your chances of being featured by the curator. Premium credits cost less than $1 per credit, but are discounted when purchased in bulk. The extra money will help move your music submission to the top of the curator’s queue, increase your feedback rate, and extend the time the curator has to listen to your track. You should purchase premium credits if you want your music to be featured on multiple blogs. You can find more information about the premium credits in the user’s guide.

One common misconception about the music industry is that A&R staff spend eight hours a day listening to material. This is untrue. A&R personnel spend only 10% of their time listening to material, and most of their time is spent babysitting existing projects and acts. Submitting material that fits their needs may be comforting to A&Rs. However, you can make sure that your submission gets noticed by TAXI.

Before sending your music to a music blog, research the blog’s readers. Check out its frequency of posting and its readership. If you find a blog that features similar music to yours, you should submit your song. However, make sure your music is of the highest quality and is presented well. Lastly, always be positive about your chances of being featured on the blog. If you have any doubts, make sure you contact the blog owner via email.

To ensure that your track gets noticed, it’s important to understand the timeline of a music blog. A fully mixed and mastered track stands a better chance of getting heard. However, it is ok to send almost-complete tracks later if you have built a relationship with the blogger or have already established a reputation in the industry. Another place to find new artists is through music blogs. They can help you gain credibility in the industry.

To ensure your music gets approved by a playlist, start searching for playlist curators. Then, look for blogs that featured similar tracks. This way, you can better tailor your approach to their needs. Then, look up their contact details and message them accordingly. Alternatively, you can also search for playlist curators on Instagram. Many of them will have a submission form for artists, and you can submit your music directly to them through these sites.