Legal hashish, who is the winner?

Have you ever noticed how, especially when it comes to various kinds of products but also sports, one of the main questions always revolves around who is the strongest, the best, the fastest, and so on? Questions such as whether the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, McDonald’s or Burger King, Inter or Milan, Android or iOS devices are better, and the list goes on undeterred.

Well, of course we couldn’t possibly tell you about all these “dualisms” and “VSs” otherwise it would really go on and on! Know, however, that such questions reverberate across all areas of business and especially those related to the world of entertainment. Again, the list would really be eternal, but let’s cut the bull’s-eye,and go together to figure out which of the many variables of legal hashish is stronger than the others.

Of course, the guys from the CBD Therapy team have already answered that question for themselves, so we leave you here with this very interesting insight, and let’s try to take a look together with some examples.

Before we begin, of course, we would like to point out that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but there is always time to change it. So take your time to try these varieties, form an opinion and give previously discarded products a second chance. For everything else, there is CBD Therapy!

Afghan Legal Hashish : the power of the classic

Between the mountains of Hindū Kūsh and the provinces of Mazar – i – Sharif and Balkh, originates one of the best-known and most desired varieties of hashish (legal and otherwise) on the entire globe. Although the resin was originally extracted by hand, this process continues to survive to this day, but it should be remembered that some growers have been more comfortable using mechanical and chemical methods.

“Served” in an elegant loaf or pellet, sometimes bearing the growers’ own symbol, just heat it up for a moment and immediately an aroma well known to the most refined and discerning consumers will spread through the air. 

Ice-o-lator: ice ice baby

The ice – o – lator, also known as bubble hash, is perhaps one of the most distinctive hashes since the cannabis in question is extracted directly from water and ice. It is a refined and sophisticated product, born in Holland, which spread like wildfire in Europe and then set out for the non-violent conquest of the world.

Here we can say that we are facing a real must for all connoisseurs who want to have a top product without impurities or waste of any kind.

What do you think about these variants of legal hashish ? Would you have included other hashish variants? 

Whatever your answer is, we remind you that all the products listed (along with other goodies such as Gorilla Glue Dry Hash) are widely available in one of the number one shops in Italy when it comes to “legal relaxation” as, indeed, CBD Therapy!