Five districts famous for single malt whiskey

Single malt whiskey is an exotic drink with a different look when compared to other drinks. You can serve this drink as a welcome drink at your house party or even see it see corporates having a sip of this drink over a business meeting.

This drink is special because it is obtained from an individual distillery using unique method applied by people, and fermentation and aging in oak barrels for long years. The more it is old, the tastier it becomes. You can click [คลิก, which is the term in Thai] here for more details.

Places famous for Single malt whiskey

Since single malt whiskey is also called Scottish whiskey. So, it is obvious, that different districts of Scotland produce this drink. Scotland has the ideal weather and temperature condition for preparation of this drink.

Five most popular districts in Scotland where you can get this drink are:

  1. Speyside

This place is the perfect place as the water quality is very high of the Spey River is used to produce this drink. The distilleries here are of high quality, preparing full-flavored, marvelous single malt.

  1. Highland

From the name itself, you can guess that in this region you will get a beautifully aromatic drink with floral fragrance and a tint of oak barrels smell. 

  1. Islay

Since this place is situated on the western side of Scotland, where there is too much presence of sea breeze, you can surely get the flavor of salt in single malt from this area.

  1. Campbeltown

This area previously had many distilleries, but now only three are present. Drinks from this area are not so good compared to other places in this region.

  1. Picture the lowland

The presence of flowers and green fields is a signature of this place. Whiskeys produced here have the aroma of flowers, grass, cinnamon, and honeysuckle.

Now that you have a fair idea of these places, you can definitely detect the origin of your whiskey when you taste it next time.

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