Trying cannabis edibles: marijuana gummies

A lot of studies have been done and some are still going on about the regulated use of cannabis. Its components, THC and CBD, are being used in making edibles. Edibles are a way of consuming cannabis through food like pastries, candies or beverages. It offers a subtle way of using both medicinal and recreational cannabis.

Edibles were popularly made as brownies as shown in a lot of movies too. However, they are also available in other types. One of the coolest forms of edibles is through gummies. It’s not totally surprising as people are mostly fond of these jellies. They’re sweet and chewable which makes them perfect as edibles. Their size also makes them easy to take as medicine since they come in tiny pieces just like medicine tablets or capsules. Each gummy serves like a capsule with just the right dosage per serving.

Effects of edibles

Consumption of edibles as medicinal treats can be very helpful in curing certain illnesses and conditions. In other places where recreational use is allowed, it is also used by people for various purposes. Some of its well-known effects to the body are:


Edibles with high THC content are expected to give a high feeling to the person. It gives a relaxed feeling and sometimes even to the point of euphoria.

Relief for anxiety

More experts have been trying the use of CBD or cannabidiol in treating anxiety attacks. Edibles like marijuana gummies would be great for this since it is easier to consume than a beverage or a brownie.

Pain relief

Cannabis is also known as an excellent pain reliever. Perhaps because of its relaxing effect, it can be a great way to treat chronic pain.

How is it different from smoking?

There is a difference in the way cannabis is consumed. Either through edibles or directly smoking it. Most people believe that edibles are safer. It is also more discreet compared to smoking`.

On the other hand, smoking cannabis is almost similar to cigarettes. They may contain the same toxins that harm the body, especially the lungs. Aside from that, smoking is not as discreet as edibles. It can also be disturbing for other people especially those who do not like or are not interested in taking cannabis.

Edibles are subtle in terms of being consumed. It only involves the user and will not affect another person unless they’re being offered to and consumes it as well. It is also not as tasking as you can just take out your edible and grab a bite or sip, or toss in one.

Recommending cannabis consumption

Any decision to try using marijuana gummies is encouraged to be consulted with a doctor. These professionals will know how much dosage you should take and know the risks it exposes your body to. Getting properly educated is the first thing you need to do before doing anything right away.

With the growing number of studies about medical marihuana, it is slowly becoming easy and trustworthy for all of us.