Tips for Menu Planning for Corporate Event Catering

Corporate event catering can be one of the most profitable, yet overlooked, advertising opportunities available today. However, if you’ve never had corporate event catering before, there are a few things that you ought to know before your next big corporate event. It’s a good idea to do your research in advance, and I’ve done a lot of it. You want to choose a caterer that will make your event a success, but also one that won’t put you into a financial bind.

Before you hire anyone to cater a corporate event, you need to be sure that they can do so without putting a strain on your budget. The only way to tell whether a caterer can meet your needs is to ask them! Some companies may have a great reputation for providing memorable and cost-effective corporate events, but they might not have the finances to do so. Ask for a detailed list of what’s included in their service.

If they say they can offer everything, but are unable to produce a full menu, or have other complicated needs such as refrigeration capabilities, move on. There’s no point in taking your business elsewhere.

Many caterers who specialize in corporate event catering ideas will have packages that include setup, clean-up, and ice breakers. These services can sometimes be less expensive than hiring a full staff. If your event is less than a week-long, this may not be enough time for your guests to consume much of anything. If you’re hoping that your guests will spill out drinks and eat a lot of food, though, you’ll probably need to hire a full staff.

Don’t overlook desserts when planning your event catering. Corporate holiday party caterers often provide delicious treats such as decadent coffee cakes, fruit tarts topped with pineapples, chocolate eclairs, and shepherd’s pie. If you’re having a fun evening, consider adding a few of these treats to your menu. These will appeal to a more mature crowd and may even earn you some repeat customers. Of course, it’s best to get feedback from your guest of honor before making changes to the original menu.

A fun addition to many meals is finger foods. Finger foods can be quite inexpensive and take up very little space. They can be enjoyed by individuals as well as groups, and are a great way to keep your guests entertained. Just make sure your catering provider has the utensils to serve them effectively.

As a final note, remember that your guests may not want the traditional types of dishes on their plates. Do not be afraid to experiment with new food options. Offer interesting vegetarian dishes, grilled entrees, or even vegan options. Research your catering provider to learn more about delicious foods that many people enjoy while keeping your budget intact.