Student Friendly cities to visit in Japan

Japan is the most beautiful vacation destination. There are so many cities in Japan and each one has its significance and beauty. Selecting any one out of all is a very challenging task. Students in Japan or outside the country love Japan student tours and explore what’s special in that country. Therefore, here’s a list of few student-friendly cities to visit in Japan.

Tokyo – Tokyo is the epicenter of Japan’s city life, particularly in the early spring when tourists from other countries flock to Japan. There are plenty of stores and cafes to choose from that will enhance every student’s school life. Traveling in Tokyo is also pretty straightforward, as the city draws tons of international tourists each day. Although it is extremely inconvenient, public transport makes it easy to travel in the city.

Fukuoka – A pretty magnificent city, Fukuoka is situated in the southernmost town in Japan. Fukuoka was formed by the merger of two towns, Fukuoka and Hakata. Here you can enjoy the nightlife and other entertainment and sports activities just like in other cities. It offers students an affordable outing. If you enjoy noodles, this is the place to be. Some of the best miso soup with noodles can be found in Fukuoka.

Yokohama – Yokohama is the 2nd largest city in Japan. It is a very big city but when compared to Tokyo it is not as fast as Tokyo. It is a little more towards working with rules and regulations, work ethics but at a slow speed. It is the most student-friendly city in Japan as it can save a lot of time and money when traveling, as transportation costs are much lower than in Tokyo. The dining and fun activities in this city are offered at more affordable prices than in other cities.