Shipping A Vehicle – Make Sure To Know The Following

In many cases, you will need to transport your vehicle whether you are moving to another state or country or travelling to a different state or country. Fortunately, there are many ways for you to transport your vehicle anywhere you need it. All you need is to look for a reliable company to ship your car to the location you are moving to. However, the vehicle shipping company has many auto transport options for you to choose from.

You need to know about these carrier options and the difference between the carriers. It helps determine how safe your vehicle is in transit and how long it will take the shipment to reach the given destination. Visit if you want to learn more about the auto shipping process and carriers employed. Whatever size of vehicle you want, to ship to wherever, you don’t need to worry about anything with Ship a Car, Inc.

Ship a Car, Inc has extensive experience moving all sorts of vehicles and a strong track record of customer satisfaction. When talking about vehicle transport, the options you have are –

  • Land transport
  • Enclose transport
  • Water transport
  • Air transport

Land transportation comes with an open carrier, single car, single-level, and multi-level carrier options. At the same time, the enclosed carrier option also provides a Single car, multi-level and single-level carrier. When it comes to water transport, ferry and cargo ships are your options. The shipping company can help in stress-free transportation of your vehicle. 

You have to choose which shipping method is suitable for you. You have a lot to consider while making such a decision. However, if you adhere to the following tips, you will make a knowledgeable decision on the shipping method suitable for you. 

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Prepare your vehicle regardless of its size

You need to prepare your car regardless of its size for shipping. It is the basics of shipping a vehicle. Clean your vehicle thoroughly inside out. It will help you to check whether any damage happens to your car during transit or not. Take out all your stuff from your vehicle before you hand it over to not misplace any of your belongings. At the same time, it will reduce the gas cost of the shipping service.

You should provide all the relevant information about the vehicle to the shipping company, especially the one a shipping company should know. To avoid any accidents, inform them sooner than later. Lastly, leave at least a quarter tank of gas in your car. Also, charge your battery before you hand in your vehicle for shipping. All this is to make it easier for the shipping company in case they need to move your car on the trailer. 

Consider the size of the vehicle while estimating shipping cost

The cost of shipping highly depends on the size of the vehicle. Depending on how much the car weighs and how big it is, the shipping company will need to use more gas because the carrier has to carry a large load. The heavier vehicle will cost significantly high to ship. The same thing applies to the length of the car. 

A longer car will take up more space on the trailer leading to less business. In this case, you have to compensate by paying extra charges for the loss.