Printing Services: Errors to Avoid

If you are not sure what kind of printing effect or life expectancy for your project is best, consult with the experts at Los Angeles Printing Services to help guide you in selecting the right weight and type of paper for your specific needs.

Six common mistakes made by printing services include:

  1. Not choosing the right paper

Not using the correct weight of your paper will have a huge impact on how long it lasts and what kind of printing effect you get. Using an incorrect weight can also leave wrinkles or creases in your final product. It is important to consider color, texture, thickness, opacity, and whether or not you want to use recycled paper.

  1. Not calculating for paper loss

Ensure that you are using the correct number of pages when printing your final product. If not enough paper is used, there may be blank margins or blank spots in your document.

If too much paper is being used, it will waste time and money to have cut each page by hand. It also takes longer to print when there are more pages in the document.

  1. Not uploading the right file

It is important to send in your final product as a high-resolution PDF or TIFF. This will ensure that your printing service can get excellent results with no pixelation, blurry images, or color distortion throughout the entire document.

Including too many pages may also mean you have to pay higher prices for shipping and handling.

If you do not have a TIFF or PDF, you can ask your printing service if they will accept JPEG files.

  1. Not specifying what you want

If your printing service is doing a job for the first time, it may be best to include all of your requirements in an email or on paper. You can also have examples ready just in case there are any questions about how you would like things done.

It will save everyone involved some headache if they know exactly what you want without having to ask.

  1. Not checking the final product

It is important to review your entire order before printing it carefully.

Make sure that there are no mistakes or typos in your document. Check every page and make sure all images, fonts, colors, etc., look exactly how you want them printed out. If not satisfied with anything on the pages of your document, it is best to catch any errors before the printing service begins.

  1. Not doing your research

Before finding a printing service, it is best to ask friends and family for recommendations. You can also check reviews online that previous customers wrote of the company. It will save you time and money in the long run if you avoid printing services with bad reputations or low-quality artistry.

Avoiding these common mistakes will help ensure that your printing service can get the best results with no errors and correct any problems as soon as possible. We hope that this was helpful!