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If you have recently bought a lorry, then this is the perfect article for you. Price Lorry insurance is a policy that is designed specifically for vehicles above the mark of 7.5 tonnes. Read the complete article to know more about it.

Lorry Insurance Policy

The Price lorry insurance policy is not for all types of vehicles. It only covers vehicles above the mark of 7.5 tonnes. There are various policies through which you can get your lorry covered by the HGV insurance.

You can decide which part of the lorry you want to be protected under the HGV insurance. We have options like getting the cab, the carrier, the driver, and the goods covered. You can choose any of the options from the list available.

If you reside in the UK, you can choose UK-only insurance. The second option we have is for the UK and Europe. Other than this, we have the international cover. The international cover gets you and the lorry protected all over the world.

If you use the lorry for importing and exporting goods and services, then we recommend you to opt for the international cover. You need to pay a yearly fee which is also the maintenance fee and the tax fee required to keep the insurance operational throughout the year.

 Breakdown Recovery

The HGV insurance has the breakdown Price Lorry insurance recovery option. In case of breakdown of the lorry, the owner or the driver does not have to bear the expenses. The HGV insurance gets them all covered.

You need to provide valid payment receipts for proof. Once it is verified, the amount spent on the breakdown recovery is added to the insurance policy and the owner can get the amount once the policy is ready to be withdrawn.

Losing the license

Losing the license is a rare case and it never happens with a responsible driver. If in any case, you lose the license, the Price Lorry insurance provides you with a monthly payment until you can earn again using the lorry.

This way the owner and the driver get their daily wage and can continue to meet their expenses. This payment is given only until the duplicate license doesn’t arrive.


You might be wondering how much these HGV insurance costs. The cost of each insurance policy varies depending upon the benefits it provides to the users. You can get an estimated quote price on the site.

This will just be an estimated price and hence should not be considered as the final price by the users.

Also, note that while filling out the form, the users must mention the total price of the truck or lorry. Remember that you do not undervalue the price and double-check it or else you will not get the complete amount of the truck or the lorry covered.


In this article, we have read about the Price lorry insurance policy. We also read about the breakdown recovery, total cost, and loss of license.

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