Basic Factors to Consider When Choosing a Broker with NAS100

Whenever you opt to trade, it means that your main objective is either making money, making it a permanent career or investing in the future. These objectives can be achieved with the help with a good broker. When choosing one therefore, you do not just go on google and pick whoever comes first.

You have to consider several brokers with nas100 and other indexes. There are some key factors that you ought to pay attention to, to achieve this. Your money need to be in good and safe hands and for that, you need to bear the following factors in mind:

  • Regulation

Check where the brokerage company is founded and regulated. It should have some protection services to protect it from third party risks. With many fraudulent companies coming up, there is need to be assure of the security of your investments. 

There are several regulation bodies that determine the operations of various companies both within a country and at global level. The broker you choose should adhere to both regulations of its mother country and those set for the global market.

  • Listing on Stock Exchange

All brokers with nas100 should have been listed on the stock exchange. When defining nas100, we said that it is a lot of the largest non-financial companies that are listed on NASDAQ. The broker too should also be listed on the stock exchange.

Having been listed on the stock exchange means that the broker has a sales volume of about 200, 000 shares in a year. Their financial reports are also published to the public either quarterly or annually. This ensures their operations are being regulated.

  • Customer Support Tools

You have to define what kind of customer support tools you need, and determine whether they are able to provide it.  They may include the ease of understand their platform and user-friendliness. Compare their educational tools, to determine whether it is suitable for beginners. The type of research tools available should also be considered. With all these in order, it will be much easier for you to navigate through the trading platform.

  • Reviews

Every platform that has served the public should have some reviews or feedback given by its clients. Brokers are no different. Each day, there are hundreds of traders engaging brokers in one way or the other. It is crucial therefore for you to check what other people have to say about the broker.

Pay attention to both the positive and negative reviews given. If there are issues arising in the feedbacks, consider how the company handles them. The solutions provided and the speed with which the solutions are offered. The reviews and ratings of a broker determine how good they are in carrying out their duties.


With thousands of brokers offering same services in the market, there is need to pay attention to some key factors that will help you choose wisely. Most of these factors have been expounded in this article, to help you understand them better. Take a look!