A Guide to Immortal SMP in Minecraft

If you’ve ever played multiplayer games on multiplayer servers, then you’ve probably heard of SMP (Survival Multiplayer). SMP is a feature that allows players to play multiplayer games together in the same world. SMP is a unique aspect of Minecraft that makes it special. It’s also a great way to go about making a safe, private, and fun server for your friends to play on.

In this guide, we’re going to explain how to create a server with an SMP setup. We’ll also show you how to setup an SMP server and how to add friends to your server. Think of this guide as a reference for anyone interested in creating their own server with SMP.

What is an Immortal Survival Multiplayer Server?

SMP servers are a popular aspect of Minecraft multiplayer games because they allow you to play with friends in the same world. Rather than creating your own separate world, SMP servers give you the opportunity to connect with other players and explore the same world.

The best part about an immortal SMP server is that when you die, you don’t lose anything. You will respawn back at your original spawn point without losing any items or experience points. Even if every single player dies on SMP, it won’t affect your inventory or progress any more than if someone was to die in a survival single-player game.

How to Host an Immortal Survival Multiplayer Server

Setting up an SMP server is fairly simple and straightforward. First, you’ll need to know what type of hosting package you have for your server. If you have a dedicated server, then the process will be more complex than if you have a shared hosting service.

Basically, the hosting company will charge monthly. You’ll pay for the time you use the service each month and then make sure that you shut it down when not in use to avoid paying for time without any benefits.

If you don’t want to set up your own Minecraft server, there are plenty of SMP servers out there too! You can play on these servers as much as you want and they come with different rulesets too – so it doesn’t matter if your favorite game is survival or creative – there’s something for everyone!

How to Join an Immortal Survival Multiplayer Server

You can join an SMP server by typing in the IP address of the server. The IP address is located on the console, which is accessed through the game tab. The next step is to click “Join Server”. You should see a message that tells you that you have successfully joined the multiplayer game.

Final Words

Minecraft is an open-ended game for you to explore, build, and share your creativity with others. In the guide above, we’ve offered a few tips on how to create an SMP server in Minecraft. This can help you level up the excitement when playing the game. We hope this guide helps especially to those who are new in minecraft!