A Guide to Choose Artificial Grass in Sunderland

What you need to know before you opt for artificial grass | Tarkett


Selecting the best artificial grass in Sunderland is a tough ask for many homeowners. This is because of the wide variety of options available in the market today to choose from. You can take the help of online research to find out the best artificial grass on the internet. 

However, while doing the research, you need to compare the attributes of high-quality artificial grass before you make your move. Moreover, you also need to determine the reason you will use the artificial grass for. 

The essential thing to remember while making your purchase is that the artificial grass should be durable, and performs better. A high-quality artificial grass on your lawn should offer good value on your purchase. 

Below are the factors that you need to consider before investing your valuable money in artificial grass. 


When you are in the hunt for good artificial grass for your lawn or garden, it is essential to consider the aesthetical value before installation. For this purpose, you need to consult with a landscaping expert and find out the best artificial grass in Sunderland. A good quality should offer a curb appeal to your property along with improving the overall appearance of your garden. 

Pile Heights

This depends on your personal choice though. However, if you want to provide a look of freshly cut grass, then you can opt for 25-30mm in size. Though, the recommended size of a good-looking lawn is between 30-38 mm in size. 

Choosing beyond this size is not a viable option as this would lead to lying flat because of its weight. 

Moreover, it is found that artificial grass in Sunderland with shorter heights performs better than longer piles in the longer duration. 

Pile Density

While shortlisting, it is necessary to consider the pile density of the artificial grass in Sunderland. The more the pile density of the grass, the more the lush green it will offer. However, artificial grasses with low pile density tend to look thin and sparse. 

If you intend to spend less time on your garden, then it is better to choose a pile that comprises fewer piles. This is because if you see from a right angle, thin grasses may provide you an illusion to look thinner than in reality. 

Choice of Color

This is similar to choosing the right height and density of the artificial grass in Sunderland. There are no specifications in choosing the color choice of the grass. However, you can ask for a free sampling as this can give you a fair idea about your personal taste. 

Further, you need to figure out where you are going to place the grasses, your lawn, garden, or near your front gate.