9 Reasons Smoking Blunts Is The Best Way To Enjoy Weed

Let’s be honest; smoking blunts the best way to enjoy weed. Whether sharing with friends or flying solo, there’s nothing quite like an excellent blunt to get you lifted. Not convinced? Keep reading, and we’ll show you nine reasons smoking blunts is the best way to enjoy weed pipe

Nine Reasons Why Smoking Blunts Is The Best Way To Enjoy Weed

  1. Blunts last longer than joints. Rolling a blunt is your best bet if you’re trying to make your weed supply last. Blunts are typical twice the size of joints, which means they’ll burn for twice as long. Joints are great if you’re in a hurry, but a blunt is a way to go if you want to savor your smoke session.
  2. You can get more creative with blunts. Regarding rolling blunts, the sky’s the limit regarding creativity. There are endless ways to improve your blunt-smoking experience, from adding crumble to using flavored wraps. Contrastingly, joints are straightforward – you just need weed and rolling paper. 
  3. Blunts offer a smooth hit. One of the best things about blunts is that they offer a much smoother hit than joints. This is because blunts are rolled with tobacco leaves, a natural filter when you smoke. Joints don’t have this filter, which means they can be harsher on your throat and lungs. 
  4. Blunts get you higher than joints do. Thanks to their larger size, blunts pack quite a punch to get you high. If you’re looking for a potent smoke session, then a blunt is the way to go – just be careful not to overdo it! 
  5. Blunts force you to smoke slower. Because they last longer than joints and deliver a more potent high, smoking blunts naturally encourage you to take your time and savor each puff. This can help prevent uncomfortable side effects like coughing and dizziness and allow you to appreciate the flavors and aromas of your weed strain fully. 
  6. Blunt wraps come in lots of different flavors. If you’re not a fan of tobacco taste, don’t worry – plenty of blunt wraps on the market come in delicious flavors. From mango and grapefruit to watermelon and blueberry, there’s sure to be a blunt wrap that appeals to your taste buds. 
  7. Blunts are a great way to socialize. Smoking blunts a great way to socialize and bond with friends, thanks to the fact that they last longer than joints. This gives you ample time to chat, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company – all while getting lifted!
  8. Blunts are perfect for special occasions. Whether celebrating a birthday, anniversary or just enjoying a weekend getaway, smoking blunts the perfect way to mark the occasion. Something about indulging in a big blunt makes everything feel more special.
  9. Blunts are a great way to wind down at the end of the day. After a long day, there’s nothing better than kicking back with a suitable blunt. Whether relaxing at home or enjoying the outdoors, blunts are the perfect way to unwind and forget about your troubles for a while.


So there you have it – nine reasons why smoking blunts is the best way to enjoy weed. From their smooth hit to their ability to get you higher, there’s no denying that blunts are superior to joints. So next time you’re looking to enjoy some weed, reach for a blunt instead!