Video Review: This Is Why We Are Not Feeling Small Doctor ‘Penalty’ Video

These were some of the top comments under Small Doctors ‘Penalty’ video on Youtube.

 Raise your hands if you’ve ever seen an “OK” Small Doctor music video, None. From the video of ‘Mosquito Killer’ to his ‘You Know’ video featuring YBNL’s Olamide, All (yes, ALL) his music videos have been flops and it’s even more disappointing that the popular Unlimited LA was the one who shot this penalty video. Apparently, he missed the penalty shot on this one.

We’re just happy that He released the audio tracks months before he released the video because we’re a 100% sure that if he released the song alongside the video it wouldn’t have gotten as much buzz as it did in the clubs and parties.

What all Small Doctor videos lack are Concrete storylines, a tight video concept and top notch video quality. It’s like he just shoots videos just to fulfil all righteousness. Though the video is a total flop we can all agree that the song is a total hit.

Watch the Video below and tell us your view on it

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