THSPORT Presents: Football Etiquettes Every Player Must Know

The most thrilling moments in a football game occur when the ball lands in the back of the net. Scoring is the ultimate objective in football, and every player on the field desires to do it. To achieve this, the technique and accuracy of shooting are essential skills that every football player should master. In this article, we will discuss the art of scoring and what it takes to become a proficient scorer in Today’s football tips (ทีเด็ดบอลวันนี้).

The first and most crucial technique in shooting is the placement of the foot. The foot used to strike the ball is the instep or laces area. Place this area of your foot on the ball, aiming straight towards the direction desired. Proper footing yields the most accurate drive of the ball. Strike with the laces, keeping your ankle firm and locking to ensure the most impactful finish.

Secondly, the shooting leg should be aligned with the direction of the target. Many players tend to direct their body towards the target, which affects their shot’s accuracy since it diverts it away from the goals. Instead, position the shooting foot directly next to the ball and strike through the ball.

Next, your follow-through is another fundamental aspect of shooting. The follow-through defines the outcome of the shot and is the final act of exerting force on the ball. Keep your head over the ball and lean forward once you deliver a shot to follow through consistently. Your follow-through will need to be determined by the direction of the shot.

Fourthly, another technique of shooting that is often overlooked is the body’s positioning. The body and head’s position are essential elements since they create the angle of your eyes when you strike the ball. Keep your head and body forward, perpendicular to the ball’s direction of movement.

Lastly, ball placement is critical. Where should your shot be aimed? The answer to this is; it depends on the target. If you’re trying to shoot across the goalkeeper, you’ll want to aim near the side netting, the goalkeeper’s weakest point. If you’re trying to shoot past the goalkeeper, aim low and near the corners of the goal, where the goalkeeper can’t reach.


Improving your shooting technique may take plenty of time and practice, but once you master these techniques, you’ll be a lethal scorer. The art of scoring is not a thing to be taken for granted. It’s the culmination of practice and refinement of the techniques, making it an art form. At THSPORT, we understand the importance of scoring in today’s football. Our state-of-the-art training facilities and experienced coaches train our players to become proficient scorers. Sign up for training with THSPORT now to get a step closer to achieving your goal-scoring dreams.