LOL! Common Excuses Lagosians Give When They Are Late 

Now of course most employees have given excuses which often than not are lies, but trust Nigerians especially Lagosians to overdo it.

I am going to list out some excuses that we Lagosians are famous for.

Traffic: While this might be genuine sometimes, other times it’s false. This is the strongest excuse ever to give, because everybody can relate, even your boss. A little exaggeration is good, but biko do not overdo it because you’re spoiling market for us the good guys.

Sickness: This is the second best excuse. Your boss would feel sorry for you and can even tell you to stay at home to recuperate.

By the way, if you’re lying, make sure it’s something you can recover quickly from oo before they ask you for medical report.

Death of a loved one: This excuse is effective when you’re directly related to the dead person.This kind of reason has no arguments to be made but to accept.

Please endeavour not kill your relative that is still alive just because of your tardiness.

Weather condition: During rainy weather, nature would hold hands with you to make your plea a perfect one. You could just tell your boss that the weather was bad, or your area was flooded and so on. This can be a perfect reason for being late.

I had to swim to work..

You all know yourselves… Keep up the good work but be warned, not every time lies. Try to come to work on time.

Lol….Source: Vibe.Ng

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