Installation of Door Closers: What Are the Steps?

Individuals can easily open and pass through doors without needing to use commercial door closers to manually close them.

The procedure for installing a door closer is as follows:

  • As the user begins to open the door, it generates resistance, giving them an idea of how heavy the door is.
  • After the initial resistance, the door glides open smoothly.
  • When a user lets go of the door, the mechanism’s arm progressively closes until the door returns to the frame, thanks to a spring.

Services For Professional Door Closer Installation

LockSmith On Demand provides door closer installation, repair, and maintenance services to both commercial and residential clients.

If you require the installation of a new door closer, we will assist you in selecting the suitable door closer while adhering to all building codes and security laws. The door closer will then be installed by our professional locksmiths at your site.

In addition, our certified and experienced experts are available to assist you with door closer installation, repair and maintenance services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We inspect your door closers to ensure that they are in good functioning order and that the doors and those who pass through them are safe.

Find a Local Expert To Install Door Closers

Our technicians have installed and maintained hundreds of door closers after receiving rigorous training on how to do so. We also keep a big stock of door closers on hand, allowing us to replace any that are found to be broken on the spot.

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