Lekzy Krane: Meet This New Rapper The World Can’t Wait To Hear!!



“Lekzy Krane: Meet This New Rapper The World Can’t Wait To Hear”
This 20-year-old rapper and singer popularly known as Lekzy Krane may just be one of the ‘new guys’ that’ll breakout into the mainstream, anytime from now. Though he’s been doing music from a tender age, possibly some eight-ten year ago, he started music professionally in summer 2016, when he dropped his Dre San – Mixed monster jam, “SABANA”. He has since dropped two other jams, WATER, and recently a cover of Olamide’s new hit, WO! You may or may not know him, yet. But, what matters is, the Lagos rapper is an embodiment of creativity and the world can’t wait to hear him! Born, Owolabi Lekan to a humble family of 3, he lost his mum when he was 14 and according to him; “…then, the struggle started.” On a frank level, he’s been steady on the grind! Talking ‘about his music, and talent, Krane is a beast, a beast indeed and, it’s just a matter of time before he becomes a STAR
During the week, the ACZ crew met with Lagos based superstar and we spoke to the self-acclaimed Rap Monster about some stuffs you (or me!) may want to know.

*ACZ: Sup gee. How the thing na?*

Lekzy Krane: Boss, I’m OK. We dey push am oh!

*Oh yeah! But, really, we like Sabana. Like the jam is crazy. That’s your first work, right?*


*Did Dre San actually do the mixing’ of that jam?*

Yes bruh.

*Are you from the same hood, How did it happen?*

Not really. Just called him that I want his hands on my jam, and we hooked up. Business matters!

*What hood do you rep?*

Made in Morogbo!

*Wait, where is Morogbo? Na for Lag hin dey?*

Ehn na (Laughs). Sheyb you sabi Agbara, na for Agbara Morogbo dey.

*Ahh! Mi o mo tele now [I didn’t know before!] Shey the people for the hood dey support sha?*

My hood dey try for me gan They do support the boy oh!

*If we go by what you said on Sabana, you don’t really care whether you’re referred to as singer or rapper. Although, I’ve got my reservations, which do you think you do better?*

I prefer Rap, but sometimes I sing just to express myself the more as in trying to pass my message across and this were versatility comes in.

*What gave you the… Erm… What’s the word? Boldness, and motivation to go into music and pursue it as a career*


(Sighs) Let me just say it’s God. To be honest, I don’t think I can do any stuff, if not music.

*You didn’t drop out of high school, did you?*

Nah! Wrote UTME though. I’m on it!

*Tackling music and school would be challenging, don’t you think one will affect the other?*

I know. But, I’ll try my best to shuffle both. I pray God make it easy for me!
*You recently did a Refix of WO! Are you a fan of Olamide?*

A cover not a refix, tho. And, yeah, I’m a die-hard fan of Baddo. Just’ be careful ‘about how you use the term “baddo.” (Laughs)

*So what are you planning to drop now? Any new stuff on deck.*

None for now

*Which artist will you work with, if you had a blank cheque?*

Seriki Omo Owo.

*How do you view the Nigerian music industry what do you think about it?*

The industry is progressing. Isn’t it obvious? The success stories are so inspiring, you know!

*One word for your fans before you go?*

Thank y’all. Keep supporting and I’ll never let you down, I swear.

*Finally, WizKid or Davido**


Thank you for your time!
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