Editorial: 20 New Nigerian Artist To Watch In 2019

A wise man once said; “We need money. We need hits. Hits bring money, money bring power, power bring fame, fame change the game.” The wise man was Young Thug! The game changes, pon pon goes, shaku comes, zanku follows, Duncan, Trap, hip-hop take it’s turn, EDM, then dancehall is here. Know what’s happening? The […]

Falz, Talk Fela & The Activism In Nigerian Music

Fela Kuti is an icon. In his days, he made very interesting music, created afro-beat, and studied his craft till he became perfect with sounds. But know what made the difference? He wasn’t just a musician, he was an activist. Chief Commander (yeah, he did have that amusing title) Ebenezer Obey, King Sunny Adey, are […]

Question Of The Day: Is Orezi’s ‘Born Broke Die Rich’ Hit Or Trash ?

Question Of The Day – Is Orezi Born Broke Die Rich HIT OR TRASH. We all know that singer Orezi ha been out of the scene for a while now. But on the 11th of January he released a song titled Born Broke Die Rich. “Born Broke Die Rich” is an anthem poised to be […]

Nex2blo | Mode Real’s Walk to Stardom Begins Here

Mode Real’s walk to stardom, all begins here. He murked Reminisce (no disrespect), and he can murk (whatever this means) about just any rapper you bring to him. He’s the best around here, he’s bringing more PRBLM to the “Industry,” and we’re ready. We’re ready to bang the EP, to repost the videos, to play […]

Nex2blo | Mc Tunex, The Erratic Singer You Should Get Familiar With.

In the midst of a music industry where profane lyrics are the order of the day, there are few who stands out not just because of the kind of music they make, but the kind of message they pass with their lyrics. From the streets of Lagos down to the innermost part of Abeokuta comes […]

Meffizy Olarz: The Erratic Rapper You Should Get Familiar With…

It can always be too late, you know. Support, you no support and then boom, they sign the guy and you start looking for screenshots of old chats, like say you be Uche. At that moment you start re-posting all around. Most times, those type of support are too late, and don’t usually count again. […]

From Abeokuta to the World: The Evolution of DJ Salam

I repeat, it’s a year for the DJ’s. Spinall, Xclusive, Baddo, Neptune, E-Cool, Enimoney. Rrrr. All are making waves. The DJ culture which was pioneered by Jimmy Jatt, in those days, have grown up to an influential part of the music industry. Thank God for Afrobeat, the industry is booming. But, DJ’s holding a major […]

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