Buy Golden Teachers 101: A Type of Magic Mushroom or Shroom

The 1980s saw the rise of the Golden Emperors or of the golden teachers. The Golden Teacher is a type of mushroom with an unknown exact origin. The only thing you need to know about it though is that it delivers quite the hallucinogenic kick when push comes to shove.

It got its “golden” name by its golden-colored caps. It’s considered a “teacher” due to the almost religious experience you get after consuming it, as though you’re being in the middle of enlightenment after consuming this shroom.

A Golden Experience with the Golden Teacher 

  • Stay Gold, Pony Boy: If you wish to stay gold like Pony Boy in the hit movie, “The Outsiders”, you should definitely consider getting your own stock of Golden Teacher. It will bring new sensations of learning and creativity to your mind after you eat it for sure.
  • The Gold Standard in Potency: People speak of the golden-capped shroom with reverence due to its strength and potency. You will end up with a Fort Knox level of golden enlightenment thanks to this psyilocybe shroom. Your eureka moments will certainly compound with it!
  • The Golden Choice of Psychedelic Lovers: Aside from unlocking the limitless power of your imagination due to the way the magic mushroom blows your mind away with hallucinogenic stimuli, psychedelic lovers also favor the rainbow shower of colors produced by this fungus.
  • Go Back in Time to the Seventies: Even though you were born too late to enjoy the 1970s at its heyday, you can take the Golden Teacher and get a lesson in what psychedelic experiences are all about. If you are a child of the 1970s, this is your DeLorean towards reliving the decade.
  • A Visual Fantasia in Living Color: Golden Teachers is a golden mushroom that will teach you al about the wonderful world of psilocybes. It offers a visual experience and tracers akin to experiencing Disney’s Fantasia for the first time, with everything melting in a golden rainbow.
  • No Bad Trips and Nightmares Here: The potency of Golden Teachers won’t have you end up in a bad trip. Nor will you get nightmarish visions as though you’re undergoing lectures in a boarding school full of surly professors. It’s a ticket towards dreamland instead.
  • A Reverent Kind of Teachable Moment: You won’t undergo acid trips or get cross-eyed with the strongest mind-altering chemicals, as though you’ve lost your mind. Instead, you’ll get a meditative high that allows you to contemplate life. Like how a teacher makes you think.
  • Different Experiences by Potency: If you were to take a few shrooms as a beginning dose, you should end up with simple visual tracers that alter your perception of everything around you. The truly hallucinogenic effects come from the mind-altering effects of higher doses.
  • A Teacher of Philosophy: Philosophers of yesteryear actually used mind-altering mushrooms in order to start questioning their existence itself, with philosophies ranging from “I think therefore I am,” to “God is dead, we killed Him”. Golden Teacher brings you to such a mindset.
  • A Mushroom of Existentialism: Aside from getting a psychedelic experience worthy of the Disco Era and the club scene, the Golden Teacher also transforms the world around you in such a way that you can see things from a multitude of perspectives.